Dear Art Lover,

The shipping cost is flat rate of 20 or 40 euro worldwide regardless of the number of paintings. If the longest side of the biggest painting is below 50 cm then it is 20 euro. Some of the thumbnalis are distorted - please click on them to view the painting as it is. Some of the extremely cheap pieces, like below 15 euro might be on low grade canvass and thus not suitable for a gift for example, but they are ok when just hanging on the wall. The relatively more realistic flower compositions in the for-sale section are actually by another local artist, not mine.

You can also order a painting of any size or theme or style you wish. Optionally it could be with a content of your preference - for example a favourite magic symbol, magic mushroom, your Power Animal, personal guardian angel or favourite Deity / God or Goddess. Paintings with figures (magic realism) start from 250 euro - with 1 figure only. Their price depends on the number of the figures, not the canvass size.

All artworks are on canvass on a wooden frame - ready to hang on the wall.

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